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New Swimming pool/SPA treatment technology

Now, ozone  technology is more and more popular for swimming pool or SPA water treatment for its green and safe.

At pools and SPA,  Ozone Cleaning System is used,  in which water is treated with ozone to obtain clear, chemical free, odourless water. Unlike chlorine, ozone treated water don't have any harmful effect on hair, skin and eyes.

Want a high efficiency and good performance swimming pool/SPA treatment system? Want green and safe? 

A complete design and high quality  customized made products, that's what we are providing you!

We will help you to solve your swimming pool /SPA problem,   bring you, you family and your customers safe and happy swimming enjoy!

About Ozone

The ozone is one kind of gas which has a little fishy smell and colorless, it is one of the best oxidizer with good performance, it is popular used for disinfection such as air, water and space…etc; and also used for decoloring.

The ozone sterilization is quick and safe. When the ozone concentrations get to a certain percent, it kills the virus and germ immediately, then breaks up to oxygen, bring no secondary pollution. Compare with the other solution, ozone can diffuse quickly without shadow, operated easily and consume low energy.

The ozone has popular application and important value in the field of air purge, sterilization, deodorization, drinking water cleansing, food processing, dining service, medical etc. Present days, adopt ozone technique to sterilization, disinfection, improve air quality in the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Japanese etc.


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