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Air Ozone Disinfector prevent flu

SOZ-AP series air disinfector is specially designed for air disinfection, which configured special ozone generator, electricity power unit, fan and controller.

Use fresh air as input, generate ozone by discharge unit

a) Stable plate electrode system, avoiding charged particles bombardment and corrosion

b) Good electricity property and strong anti-corrosion property

c) Can work in moist atmosphere and unclean environment

d) Can kill more than 90% bacteria in air for space disinfection

e) SS vessel


a) Space disinfection for public such as hospital, class room, meeting room, reading room, waiting room of bus station or railway station, theater, restaurant, underground park.

b) Space disinfection for workshop of foods and drug production for GMP certificate

c) Space disinfection and smell removal for breeding center and livestock shambles

d) Disinfection, preventing mould and fresh keeping for refrigeratory

e) Fresh keeping for fruits


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